Gumpaste Flowers Gumpaste Flowers Bougainvillea Spray 201268824 Bougainvillea Spray 201268825 Bird of Paradise 201234876 baby Converse Shoes 201234874 Baby Converse Shoes 2 201234875 Gumpaste Flowers Gumpaste Violets 76288870 Gumpaste Flowers Violets and their leaves. May be used in a spray with other lowers as filler gumpste flowers. 76288873 Gumpaste Flowers Mini Orchid. May be used as a filler flower in any arrangement 76288872 Gumpaste Flowers Bougainvillea spray. Tropical gumpaste flower. 76288871 Gumpaste flowers Pot of flowers, bougainvillia, violet and mini orchid 76288875 Gumpaste Orchid May be used by itself or with other gumpaste flowers on a cake for wedding, birthday or other occasion 76288874 Gumpaste Rose Spray Rose Spray with leaves and different stages of the bloom, from unopened bud to fully opened Rose 77274277 Gumpaste Rose Spray 77274281 Gumpaste Rose Double colored bloom 77274279 Gumpaste Rose Fully opened bloom 77274280 Gumpaste Sweet peas, Lilly of the Valley, Cally Lilly Sweet peas, Lilly of the Valley, Cally Lilly in gumpaste 77276432 Gumpaste Sweet peas Spray of Sweet Pea flowers at various stages of bloom and a calla lilly in the background all in gumpaste 77276433 Gumpaste Sweet peas Spray of Sweetpea flowers in various stages of opening 77276435 Gumpaste Flower Mum and Calla Lilly in Gumpaste 77276434 Gumpaste Tulip 77276436 Gumpaste Flowers Gumpaste Rose Spray 77276437 Gumpaste Roses and Calla Lillies 77276438 Gumpaste Lilly of the Valley & Sweet Pea Lilly of the Valley and Sweet Peas 77276439